April 18, 2010

Upfield Train Line, Melbourne Australia

This graffiti is exhibited up and down the Upfield train line in Brunswick, Melbourne. The urban art shown here varies from traditional tags to murals as you will see below. The majority of the work has not been covered by other graffiti, consequently some of the graffiti is quite old. It is interesting to see how tagging styles have changed through the years, but also how they are still relevant.


  1. I really love the heart shaped faces on the red background...awesome!

  2. great post (late in the day to say this, I know) - I just started cycling this line as a route to work (Fawkner to Jewell station) - I think most of this stuff is covered up now. It's constantly changing. I even see people painting in broad daylight despite the risk of massive fines - too cool! It's a pity there aren't a few more stencils just to give a sense of how big the craze was - that really died in the arse all of a sudden, didn't it? Anyway I'm glad someone is documenting this - great stuff.