July 12, 2010


Invader is everywhere, and is one of my graffiti heroes. I first noticed Invader graffiti in London, and then after a bit of research headed to his home ground, Paris, where his urban art pieces are virtually around every corner. Since then, i have found the Invader's tiles everywhere from New York to Melbourne. Invader to me is the new 'Where's Wolly' you know the tiles are there, but where...seek them here, seek them there, we seek them everywhere.

The below Invader graffiti piece is one of my favourites, not artistically but also logistically.

The below Invader graffiti piece is just before you head into Borough market in London.

Late night drinking in Berlin and you still stumble past Invaders graffiti work.Istanbul:
The local government placed a cover over a Banksy, they should do the same here to protect this piece of Invader urban art.

This is the only drawback with loving graffiti and its inherant nature.

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