July 27, 2010

Melbourne, Australia

This will be my last post from Melbourne for a while as i have relocated to London, however if anyone want to be my eyes in Melb and supply pictures of new work, i will be more than grateful.

Melbourne has one of the strongest graffiti cultures in the world. The city may not get plastered with internationally famous artists as frequently as what NY does, but it has its own local graffiti heroes that keep the flame burning strong. The city is not littered, but covered with graffiti, from the train lines to city alley's, you are not able to go anywhere in Melbourne without encountering a beautiful mural or tag created by the glut of amazing artists that call this town their home. The openness of the general public also dictates what type of graffiti is popular in Melbourne, unlike most other graffiti nations, murals are still a big part of Melbourne culture. However, there is a increasing number of artists working outside your traditional paint on wall medium. Artists such as Mal Function and Junk Projects create urban sculptures to add a new dimension to the graffiti art scene in Melbourne.

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