July 15, 2010

Laneway Graffiti, Melbourne Australia

Another lane or alley and another lot of graffiti in Melbourne. Melbourne's real culture exists in the many laneways that divide and connect the city. The laneways don't only act as a canvas for graffiti, but they also house some of the best bars, galleries and restaurants that Melbourne has to offer. There are laneways where it is legal to graffiti, but on a major scale its like everywhere else. The photo's below are a collection from the random alleys and lanes that i have walked on my graffiti hunts Melbourne.


  1. whatever happened to freedom of speech?
    Did my comment hit a nerve
    Dont take credit for something thats not yours
    when its mine

  2. To Anonymous,

    Have you spoken to me previously to the current communication?

    Why you are accusing me off plagiarism your art as nothing on this site credits the graffiti to me. If you follow my site and Facebook page, i have requested many a time for people to identify the artists they see on the site. If you want to communicate which ones are your work, i will credit "Anonymous',you, with the creation.

    Also, there is no such thing as yours and mine with graffiti, ownership is given to everyone once it is placed in the public domain.

    Freedom of speech is viable when there is truth and validity in what is spoken. If we go down the path of discourse without truth where does that lead us...


    OrganicMan DigitalWorld

  3. Like i said in my last comment that you buffed, it seems a bit vain to try and copyright any of these images.

    Read and reread your attempt to own images on this site, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what public art/street art is.
    Dont get me wrong, I applaud your site and presentation and have enjoyed all the images. Just drop the ownership issue, your blog, like a wall, is public domain.

    Please dont see my comment as a defacing TAG, what you are creating is an invaluable and historic work.


  4. Oneanddifferent,

    I totally agree that a blog like a wall is public domain, but as you claim ownership of your art and rightly told me that i could not say that was my work, i should have the right to claim ownership of the aesthetic and request people ask before they take.

    Would you say that photo's that are taken of architecture and design icons belong to the photographer or the designer of those objects? If they belonged to the designer we would never have the glut of coffee table books dedicated to these topics.

    What i understand your premise to be is that by copyrighting the images i am claiming credit for the graffiti. My premise is that, i am not copyrighting the graffiti, as the graffiti claims ownership to the artist, but am copyrighting my aesthetic or point of view.

    The copyright represents my view of ask before they take. Its all to easy to jump on sights and copy and paste, but that not only disrespects the photographer but is also plagiarism.

    This is a very nutritious topic, thanks for bringing it up.