June 27, 2010

BUE and friends

The lovely and amazing Lucky Lucy 1R has supplied some great pics of graffiti of the BUE the Warrior and friends in Ghent Belgium. The graffiti is reminds me off the bizarre French caricatures from kids stories. They offset really well by the architecture they have been sprayed on. BUE casting some light on other wise grey days. The canvas is FUCK 1 and the train is unknown.


  1. now i gotta send to BUE n FUCK 1. thx! And wait! Did you say lovely AND amazing?!?! Why thanks x2!


  2. Hey Lucy,

    Well if you disagree 'lovely AND amazing', then i am willing to edit..hehehehe. Thanks for showing this to BUE and FUCK 1. If you have any further info on FUCK 1, i can add a bit more of a blurb to their piece.